Officer and Committee Chair Descriptions

The Campbell PTO Board is comprised of elected officers, committee chairs, and school representatives.  It meets once per month to conduct PTO business. General meetings for the entire membership are scheduled twice per year: one in August to approve the budget and introduce board, and one in April to elect officers and nominate chairs and committees.  Effort estimates indicated below are based on an average and will vary by individual.


PTO Executive Officers  (Monthly PTO attendance is required)


President- Serve as the leader and key contact for the PTO; preside over all PTO meetings; ex-officio member of most committees; appoint chairpersons for special committees; coordinate the work of the officers and committees so that the PTO objectives can be met. Required to attend all PTO meetings.  (Effort: year-round, on-going, meetings, emails, phone calls 3-7 hours per month on average)


Recording Secretary-  Keep the minutes of all general meetings and all meeting of the Board; prepare correspondence and perform all other duties assigned; maintain master documents on school computer; help recruit committee chairpersons for all vacant standing committees of the board; keep the calendar of events for the PTO.  Required to attend all PTO meetings.   (Effort: year-round, attending meeting and typing up minutes, 2-4 hours per month)


Treasurer-  Be responsible for and have custody of all funds; make disbursements as properly authorized; assure that PTO policies and best practices are followed with regard to funds; prepare financial reports for each meeting and as needed; prepare the books for an annual audit. Basic accounting bookkeeping knowledge or experience is suggested and good organizational skills are a must. Required to attend all PTO meetings.  (Effort: year-round, on-going, accounting and meetings 10 hours per month, average.)


Communications Secretary- Act as a consultant to assure that meetings and processes are conducted in accordance with bylaws; advise parliamentary procedures using Roberts Rules of Order; bring a current copy of Constitution and By-Laws to all meetings. Disseminate positive information to the community about the school, its students, and the PTO. Promote related activities and programs in order to heighten community awareness.  Update website weekly or bi-monthly as necessary.  Many tasks (like notices to the newspaper, newsletters, etc.) are performed electronically.  Also updates all calendars on the website annually and ensures they are correct monthly.  Required to attend all PTO meetings. (Effort: year-round, on-going, 3-4 hours per month.)


PTO Committee Chairs- (Attends monthly PTO meeting. These positions have committees and or volunteers)


Community Relations Chair- Coordinate community charity drives such as Giving Tree, disaster relief, and other charitable endeavors the board votes to support. Posts information to FB pages works closely with the communications secretary.  Also, is responsible to update the website with information.  (Effort seasonal, time varies by event, for example, Giving Tree averages 10-15 hours between the Monday after Thanksgiving and December 15th and will be assisted by volunteers.)


Fundraiser Chair- Presents fundraising ideas to the board. Researchers and plans fall and spring fundraiser voted on by the board.  Coordinates with necessary board members, school administration, and school staff to advertise and implement the fundraiser of choice.   Is responsible for attaining annual sponsorships and paperwork associated with sponsorship.  Uploading all relevant forms to the website for future reference.  Maintaining a sponsor list on the website.   Has volunteers to assist.  (Effort: averages 2-15 hours per month.)


Membership Chair- Organize the annual PTO membership drive and the on-going process to encourage membership. Maintain membership records.  Will Launch membership drive campaigns on the website and social media.  (Effort: primarily in August and September. 5 hours per month greatly reducing to 1-2 hours per month after September.)


Room Parent Coordinator Chair- Attends the volunteer meeting.  Coordinates room parents and maintains a room parent list.  Gets favorite things list to teachers and completed lists to room parents so they can be issued to all parents. Coordinates all communication between PTO and room parents.  Tracks grade level party money paid and sends out correspondence to collect any unpaid party money.  Maintains a grade level party budget and communicates party money budget to lead teacher.  Coordinates with lead teachers for grade activities planned and supplies needed. Coordinates and purchases all supplies needed for holiday and Valentine's parties.  Works closely with lead teachers for each grade.  Is responsible to upload teachers favorite things lists to the website.  Has a committee to assist.  (Effort:  2-5 hours per month and seasonal for party planning (November-February time spent will depend on how duties are divided.)


Special Programs/5th Grade Party Chair- Organizes and coordinates with the school administration special programs such as meet the teacher, fall, and spring special events and plans and organizes the end of year 5th-grade party. (Effort: seasonal and spends 3-4 hours per month.)


Student Services Chair- Coordinates the Cougar Store every other Friday 7:00-7: 30 am.  Is responsible for stock in the store, income, and pricing. Is responsible for cash and check handling as per the by-laws and financial policies.  Is responsible for the Cougar Holiday store for one week in December from 7:00-7: 30 am.  Will be responsible to shop for, stock and price all items.  Is responsible to check online Cogar Store weekly to ensure timely delivery of spirit wear.  Checks inventory regularly to ensure online inventory is correct.  Coordinates a committee which assists the chair. (Effort: year-round and on-going time spent depends on how much work is divided and how committee roles are assigned.)


Teacher Appreciation Chair- Organizes teacher appreciation lunches every other month.  Coordinates donations or catering for teacher lunches.  Coordinates teacher and staff birthday treat at the end of every month August-May.  Coordinates daily recognition for Teach Appreciation Week the first week in May.  Responsible for creating events on the website.  Has a committee to assist with events.  (Effort: varies by month with 2-3 hours per month in non-event months, 3-7 hours with events in October, November, December, and February and 6-20 hours in May depending on what activities are planned and how roles are divided among the committee.)   


Volunteer Coordinator Chair- Collect a list of general volunteers at beginning of the year and for special events. Assure that volunteer data is recorded and available to both the Board and teachers. Work with teachers, staff, and leaders of committees to assure volunteers are recruited for programs. Works closely with Committee Chairs. Ensures volunteers registered on the website are contacted.  Sends out general volunteer campaigns when larger events are nearing.  Posts volunteers of the month and year to the website.  (Effort: on-going, year-round; time peaks with a few big events. Average: 3 hours per month; could range from 2 to 8 hours per month during the few months of the school year.)


Yearbook Chair- Designs yearbook and layout, responsible for price negotiation and vendor (If change is needed).  Will need to verify charges and credits are accurate on billing from the vendor.  Works closely with the committee and has committee meetings to ensure the best product.  Coordinates sales and grade level photos. (Effort: Is year-round and on-going effort will vary by month but averages 3-5 hours per month.)


Website Maintenance Chair- Updates website monthly, creates; events, registrations, forms, volunteer spots, ensures links work, and other general website maintenance. (Effort: Is year-round and on-going effort will vary by month but averages 6 hours a month effort in July or August may be more due to coping expired forms from the previous year.)


Committee Positions- These positions assist the PTO Chairs and meeting attendance is voluntary. Committee members will have volunteers to assist them throughout the year.  If you are interested in a committee position please email


Sponsorship Committee 

Assist with obtaining sponsorships for any fundraisers.  Other smaller programs include spirit nights where a restaurant or recreation center hosts a Campbell Night (only 2 or 3 per year). Family Nights require minimal effort a few phone calls to arrange and sending home a flyer (usually supplied by the host).  (Effort: year-round time varies on when recruiting sponsors for the spring fundraiser starts and dates of spirit nights (1-2 hours each.)


Auction Committee 

Manages the auction, selects the auction type and site, maintains an auction item request list and item received list.  Solicits for auction items and coordinates auction volunteers to solicit items via online forms, email and phone calls.  Coordinates volunteers to log photos and item descriptions of auction items and coordinates item pick up for auction winners.


Carnival Committee

Organizes carnival activities, games, prizes and design carnival layout. Coordinates volunteers to set up carnival games the day before the carnival. Coordinates the volunteers on carnival day during the event and in taking down the games.


Event Advertising Committee

Creates flyers and signage for the event.  This may include comparison shopping and designing the flyers.  Sending info to local magazines, newsletters, and social media.


Cougar Store Committee

Assists chair with Cougar Store by working the store and assisting the volunteers.  May assist Chairperson in inventory and Facebook posts.  Cougar store is open every other Friday from 7-7: 30 a.m.


Holiday Store Committee

Assists chair with Holiday Store usually the first week of December from 7-7: 30 a.m. Will be responsible to purchase and maintain inventory for the store, price all items, and set up the night before each sale, put away store each day and return any unpurchased items (if applicable).


Teacher Appreciation Committee

Assist in menu planning, and assisting set up and clean up after scheduled teacher lunches.  Assists with planning and events during teacher appreciation week.


Rewards Programs Coordinator

This position is in charge of Box Tops for Education, Tyson Project A+, My Coke Rewards for Schools, Shoparoo, and Amazon Smile.  Advertises and promotes programs, investigates new reward programs, Collects Box Tops twice a year and coordinates volunteers to count them.


Gardening Committee Coordinator

Oversees the gardening committee to keep our school grounds looking beautiful.


Teacher Workroom Coordinator

Coordinates teacher workroom volunteers and maintains a schedule or calendar.


Yearbook Sales

Posts info on how to purchase a yearbook and the cost of the yearbook (Yearbooks sales are bundled with PTO membership at the beginning of the year).  May need to set up booths at the carnival or the last few days of school if yearbooks are not sold out.  


Grade Level Photographer

Takes photos and gathers photos from volunteers and parents for their grade for the yearbook. Uploads photos and verifies we have each student photographed per designated grade.  Responsible for attending certain school events where generally a lot of photos are taken. There are 6 of these positions.